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Weekly Email Example

Communication, especially positive communication with parents and students is vital to fostering relationships and increasing student achievement.


This is an example of the weekly email that I send out to students and parents. It includes the weekly schedule as well as our essential questions and goals for the week.



English 10

Essential Questions:

  • Why do we evaluate and analyze writing?

  • How do we evaluate and analyze writing?

  • How does a piece of writing affect society and culture?



  • Increase reading comprehension

  • Comprehend, discuss, and analyze Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing

  • Read and hold student led disscussion over Literature Circle books

Mon 3/5

  •  As a class read and discuss Act I

Tues 3/6

  • Finish reading and discussing Act I

  • Create Act I Summary Chart

Wed  3/7

  • Individual reading in Literature Circle books

  • Student led disscussions in Literature Circle groups

Thurs 3/8

  • Quiz over Much Ado Act I

  • As a class read and discuss Act II



  • Read and discuss Act II

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